Easy Loans for Bad Credit

Sometimes things happen that can affect your credit rating and make it hard for you to get loans to cover your needs. A poor credit history can make it difficult to get approved for car loans and other forms of financing. With Personal Loans for You, you can apply for a small personal loan online even if you have had a poor credit history. Instead of just looking at your past repayments, we look at your ability to pay. We provide flexible terms so that it is easy to repay the loan even if your past financial record is less than perfect. We understand that it is a hassle to apply to numerous places, not knowing if you will be turned down because of past financial issues. We provide easy, simple to understand personal loans with the aim of assisting you get back on your feet. We look at your serviceability as much as your prior history to determine if you will be approved for one of our loans for people with bad credit. We take away the stress and worry out of getting a loan.

We also try to ensure that the application process is streamlined and easy to understand as we realise that sometimes you may require the funds urgently. The first step in the process is to submit an application on our website which will be received by one of our experienced loan consultants. You will automatically receive an email which outlines the supporting documents which you will be required to provide for your loan application.

We try to ensure that the application process is streamlined and only request that you provide supporting documents which are absolutely necessary for us to be able to have a clear understanding of your circumstances.

The application documents which we normally request include:

  • 100 points of I.D. eg driver’s license, credit card, or passport etc
  • Your last 2 pay slips
  • Your last 3 months of bank statements (including this month up to now)
  • A bill sent to your home address eg electricity, car registration or phone bill.

If you are looking to apply for easy loans for bad credit, fill out an application with Personal Loans for You and apply today and one of our friendly staff will be in touch to assist you with the application process to ensure that you receive an answer as soon as possible.