Small Personal Loans in Australia Made Straightforward

Whether you need to cover the cost of a wedding, pay for a well-deserved vacation, take advantage of a limited-time sale, pay for emergency bills or new household items – our small personal loans may be perfect for you. Learn more about our straightforward application process and fixed rates on small cash loans by calling us on 1300 800 260.

Unsecured, Easy Small Loans

If you have an excellent credit score, we can usually provide small loans fast and with competitive interest rates. The primary benefit of an unsecured loan is that no collateral is required in order for an approval to be granted.

To ensure you are able to afford the loan we conduct a thorough loan assessment and credit check on the application, however the process isstill  fast and simple:

  • We conduct a credit check
  • We carry out our own small amount loan assessment process
  • We determine your viability
  • We deposit the loan into your bank account should the application be successful

If you don’t have a good credit rating, we still may be able help you secure small personal loans online with minimal fuss as your credit history is only one of the factors which we consider when determining the suitability of an application.

Secured Personal Loans in Australia

If you’ve struggled to obtain small loans online from traditional lenders due to a poor credit rating, you may still be able to get one from us by securing the loan against your vehicle. We specialise in providing affordable secured personal loans for bad credit applicants because we know that sometimes, you simply can’t afford to wait until payday to cover your bills.

Apply for Small Personal Loans Online Today

We aim to provide the best small loans in Australia, which is why the application process takes just minutes and you’ll usually find out whether you’ve been approved on the same day you apply. So why not apply for a small loan today or give us a call with any questions you may have.